Table of Content

1. What is a technology stack?

2. Why do you want a tech stack to build your application?

2.1 The MEAN Stack

2.2 MERN

2.3 The Stack of MEVN

2.4 Serverless

2.5 LAMP

3. Important considerations about the technology stack in 2020

4. Conclusion

If you are thinking about developing web and mobile apps for your company then you should have a basic understanding of the development tools used to create them. Sometimes, the requirements can be fulfilled or ideas can be shaped using just one technology framework but as the digital age makes advancements, more and…

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

2. 5 Best Practices for Your Software Development Process

2.1 Simple And Transparent Code

2.2 Keeping Process Customer-Focused

2.3 Keep Documenting Your Progress

2.4 Get Global Acknowledgement With Development Standards

2.5 Test Continuously

3. How to choose the right software development company for your project

4. Final Thoughts


In these modern times, the pressure on software developers has never been greater. This is because the demand for technology is increasing, and the software development process isn’t simple. These make it collectively challenging for programmers to consistently achieve higher quality apps that meet end-user needs.

It is…

Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Key reasons for an upgrade from .Net to .Net Core

2.1 Cross-platform support

2.2 Better performance and scalability

2.3 Compatibility with previous .Net versions

2.4 Support for modern architecture

2.5 Improvements on razor pages

3. Migration types

4. What to migrate?

5. Moderate future risks

6. Conclusion


As we all know, Microsoft is continuously reinvesting in its technology stack, empowering developers to create safe, guarded, and enhanced software products that help to empower businesses to meet ever-changing customers’ requirements. Its cloud services and business intelligence products are conferring no limitations in the number of…

Table of Content


In today’s time, web application development has become way too simple and a wide array of latest technologies and frameworks have come into the market that can offer top-notch web app development services. Businesses can select the right technology and framework for their projects. One of the most used technologies for creating enterprise-level applications is Microsoft .Net Core. …

Table of Content:

1. Introduction

2. What is Dedicated Team Model?

3. Why Dedicated Team for you is right?

4. Legal Requirements when hiring a Dedicated Team

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

As globalisation grows more pervasive, cultures become more diverse, borders become a mere formality, and outsourcing becomes a more cost-effective alternative.

Outsourcing has aided several businesses worldwide in reducing their search, recruiting, and administrative costs in today’s competitive, fast-growing software industry.

Many firms squander time searching for local workers in the mistaken belief that this will provide them with the required control and communication. …

Building a custom software solution for your business can be a costly affair. It doesn’t matter if it is a startup or a large enterprise. But these huge costs would do more damage if you are a startup owner. So, you need to look for ways to minimize the costs as much as possible.

How could you do it?

Hiring a dedicated team of developers for your next software project is a sure way that you can reduce your overall development costs without giving up the fruitful benefits like access to skilled professionals, advanced technological resources, better flexibility, robust solutions…

Table Of Content:

  1. What is a dedicated software development team?
  2. How to manage a Dedicated Development Team?

2.1 Schedule Regular 1:1s

2.2 Clearly define and map out expectations

2.3 Communication

2.4 Listen and Respond

2.5 The power of trust

2.6 Feedback

2.7 Support

3. Conclusion

Technological innovations like cloud technology and automation in the past decades are responsible for the rise of robust outsourcing solutions. Even amidst the pandemic, remote workers were closely integrated into the company’s daily business operations and other work processes. …

Being in the market for more than thirty years now, it’s unquestionable that Python is now the epitome of simplicity with effectiveness. The gradual popularity growth is something, which raises why and how Python is now the most popular programming language in the world.

What startups require from a Programming Language

To determine why Python poses the absolute choice for startups, the first consideration would be to take into consideration the prominent factors for newbies.

  • Minimum viable product quicker development
  • High ability and scalability scope to add new features
  • Software and other technologies integration
  • Fast but effective iterations
  • Cost and time-monitored development process

Often, Python is one…

Table of Content:


The sheer awesomeness of this generation’s games is magnifying each day with all the fancy technical surprises. However, only a behind-the-stage crew can understand how much effort it requires to transcend any comprehensible programming methodology. Besides, gaming gear is really a monster nowadays. So it stands to reason that the developers would work at a greater degree of abstraction for any game development.

Technically, once the initial design…

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