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Do you think that mobile application development is a tough activity that requires sufficient time and assets? Well, with so many tools and technologies being made to facilitate development, the probability of considering this as a time-consuming task is quite low. If you are making the transition to mobile or tablet, we can help in making your journey easier.

But first things first, why would anyone invest in a mobile application to enhance their businesses?

Introduction Mobile App Development

For a couple of years, mobile app development seems to be gaining a huge number of traction. Gone are the days when people were obsessed with PC-sized application interfaces to grapple with a whole new outlook, slowly and steadily people are making their transitions to the new and upcoming mobile app development technology.

Being both client-side and server-side toolkit, it can be created, read, updated, deleted, and also filtered interconnected and even persisted. From the user perspective, modern applications made today must not be just aesthetically pleasing, but friendly, functional, and offline oriented, real-time, and reactive. As a result, more and more companies have started offering services in the mobile realm such as Android app development services, iOS and React native

From the end-user perspective

Apart from this further below, I would like to mention certain points stating how mobile technology is eye-catching and useful for end-users.

  • Auto synchronization — Tasks and activities are performed naturally, intermittently, and habitually to ensure that information is rarely or never lost. In addition, there is asynchronous data and data which is displayed representing the desired state — all because of the conflict solving algorithm as it makes sure of it.
  • Real-time communication — With the help of web-socket based technology, any progressions made by outsiders at an alternate chance to remote data store can be quickly moved to user devices. In simple words, the content keeps on changing and remains always up to date. And everything is so fast providing the best user experience at the same time.
  • Security — Last but certainly not least, mobile app development technology takes the security matter extremely on a very serious note. As a result, user identity is always verified due to increasing authentication mechanisms and the integrated access control mechanism. In simple words, you are in charge of which resources must be described in your system and can be accessed by the end-user.

From the Developer Perspective

For mobile application developers, this technology is a pure blessing as it simplifies many repetitive tasks and resolves major problems that have or might occur while conducting a project. Gone are the days when programmers no longer require bothering about offline synchronization mechanisms, writing networking code, and remote conflict resolution.

With the two-tier application architecture, any application can directly be connected to the Realm object server via native SDK. It may quite interest you to know that the realm object server isn’t just used for iOS or Android but even for React Native and Xamarin cross-platform native application development tools. Several aspects such as handling offline content availability, scaling a database structure, data synchronization, real-time communication, authentication, conflict resolution, Professionals no longer require to worry about.

For a Business Perspective

Well, the much-awaited part of the post has arrived on how mobile application development is beneficial for businesses. As a business person, nobody likes to deal with technicalities such as scheme-based data handling engine or any development environment problems. So having a dedicated mobile app development service provider allows you to focus more on the issues that can be solved by you without you have to learn the technology and dealing with server-side logic, encryption, scalability, or backing up your data.

Of course, there is no denying in the fact that businesses can reach their customers easily with a mobile app — customers love accessing businesses in the go. Now the next thing that comes to our minds is,

So, why should one invest in mobile app development?

Like I said before mobile technology is moving ahead at a fanatic pace irrespective of the industries from social media to telecommunications, education, healthcare, media & entertainment, and the list goes on. Apart from that let’s go ahead and address these crucial reasons.

#1 Killing so many “Birds” with one arrow — The term “Birds” is subjected to the global audience. With everyone being dependent on the internet today and most of the traffic coming from mobile devices. The need for an app seems quite obvious. Having a successful Mobile application development at your place implies you can contact worldwide crowds and interface with clients from wherever and whenever. Right from informing about the new product launch to promoting market expansion, a mobile application can increase several golden opportunities for business growth.

#2 Improved Reach leads to effective engagement — With the high-end amount of reach can lead you to an improved version of engaging with customers. Now, what has customer engagement to do with a mobile application you may ask? Well, having handy apps at your services right from ordering food to booking the flight tickets, movie tickets, or go instant shopping especially the ones which offer an exceptional experience to end customers are more likely to get hits.

Everything is all about how easy you make this process of giving and taking. Businesses reaching clients easily and on the contrary, clients contacting a business for their services easily. So another feature that acts as a game-changer is the effective communication of and with your business. With an interesting bunch of features such as support desk, real-time chat, geo-targeted adverts included in your mobile application can improve communication leading to more customer engagement.

#3 Giving Easy Access — As you like to reach and know more about your customers, they do love knowing about their favourable business. Try giving customers a spot to visit for data in regards to your products and services. By one way or another putting resources into the mobile app realm can empower you to practically place your organizations in their pockets. Having easy access allows them to know your business in one tap anywhere and anytime.

If we see from the business perspective, investing in reputable mobile app development is a bliss. Let me show you how? Customers can communicate with you anytime, irrespective of your location, and time-zones. Being accessible will strengthen your core. All you just have to do is ask your developer to add a chatbot option allowing clients to communicate 24/7. Also, you can think of creating an active and direct advertisement with your end-users.

#4 Brand Recognition and visibility — With a mobile app at hand, brand recognition and visibility is an easy target to achieve. A well-developed application eliminates the need for traditional advertisement mediums. Moreover, it is most likely to be downloaded on the app store when prospective customers are looking around for relevant services offered by your business. After all, the more recognition your business receives the more reputable your brand will become enabling more customers to purchase your products and services.

Application development will land your business in the Android and iOS application stores, prompting numerous potential clients who are looking for the administrations you offer to stumble upon and download. An easy to use versatile application will leave an enduring impact on clients and construct a legitimate brand. A win-win situation at your service!

#5 Better Customer service — Mobile app development provides the customer with everything they need to know about your product, just as a fast technique for correspondence with staff. Consumers will be able to get informed about offers and declarations, see item surveys, thus significantly more, all without entering a solitary store.

To be more specific, whether it’s about improving customer service or retaining the new customers and engage existing ones, the mobile trend is something every business should embrace. As a matter of fact, mCommerce is one of the biggest drivers behind eCommerce sales.

There has been an interesting thread circling my mind and it says you don’t need a mobile app, a website looking great on mobile devices. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide.

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web: What to Choose?

To begin with, desktop usage isn’t going away anytime soon. However, mobile is surpassing it at an exponential rate. Even Google reported that more searches were being made on mobile than desktop.

According to sources, from 2016 to 2017 time spent per day on mobile has increased by approximately seven minutes, reaching a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day. And it may quite interest you to know that desktop usage has decreased by one minute and TV viewing decreased by five minutes. Simply put, if companies aren’t aware of where their customers are spending most of their time, they’ll lose.

Now both mobile apps and websites can be accessed by mobile devices. A mobile website is a website featuring browser-based HTML pages linked together and can adjust to different screen sizes due to the responsive design. Much like the traditional ones, mobile websites can display text content, data images, and video. Whereas a mobile app, can not just pull out the content but even download it for you so that it can be accessed without any internet connection.

What could be the deciding factor you may ask? What is more profitable — creating a mobile website or conducting an iOS application development project? The right choice depends on your business objectives. If you wish to offer just mobile-friendly content consider a mobile website but in case you need more customer engagement, drive in their loyalty, a mobile application is the most prominent way to go.

Things to consider when building a mobile app

  • Native or non-native — Native are the ones developed for the specific platforms and installed on specific devices whereas non-native can be called as the ones available via web browser on a mobile device.
  • Features — Another aspect to consider is your mobile application development features and functionalities. Make sure to come up with features that affect your traffic and customer retention. For instance, loyalty programs can encourage more and more users to return to your app consistently.
  • Price does matter — Whether you are offering your application for free or is it premium or subscription-based, price does matter. I consider those apps to be ideal which is free to download but offer in-app purchases and subscriptions at the same time.

That’s all Folks!

Surviving in today’s high-tech world is no longer supposed to be easy and digital media plays a very crucial role in your success as well as survival. With mobile apps developed for Android, iOS, and others, businesses can easily avoid falling behind the competition.



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