Top Java Frameworks and Development Trends in 2020

What Java is, its Application and Web Frameworks

Ten Most Popular Frameworks of Java in 2020

  • Perfect for OOP-type projects requiring high portability and productivity at one time
  • Capability for robust manipulation of data with less coding
  • Being open-source, it won’t cost a lot
  • Support for backward compatibility
  • Being lightweight, it doesn’t need a web server aside from the default container
  • Annotation-style compatibility in configuration
  • Cross-browser compatibility is handy when deploying apps online
  • Bridges the back-end and front-end development gap
  • Easier to implement Google APIs
  • Make coding faster by adding extensions
  • MVC framework predominantly
  • The jetty server is handy in lightweight environment maintenance.
  • Back-end developers could use a lot of end tools with less coding
  • A huge chunk of what makes up Java 2E, with massive support and here to stay
  • You could bring what you are working already and extend Struts’ capabilities
  • Seamlessly fits into other frameworks
  • Drastically reduced development and time, which makes for faster app development
  • Gentle learning curve good for projects that are time-sensitive
  • Any IDE would do, with no need to try out a new one
  • Clear documentation, and courses running often to deploy in less time
  • By default, the framework is restful
  • Cloud deployment options for teams worldwide to participate in projects that are mission-centric
  • Development changes in real-time appear in a browser of the test device
  • It’s getting better all the time, with thousands of monthly pull requests, making easy glitch navigation
  • The step-by-step guide gets you to run an app in less time
  • Testing is easy with the Jetty server
  • In-built JavaBeans validation through annotation
  • Good-looking and responsive CSS interfaces as defaults for all instances
  • Puts results on steroids if visualizing data is a major project deliverable

Taking the Leap with Java Trends in 2020

  • Let go of Java 8
  • Keep up with DevOps
  • GIT
  • Spring in Action
  • Tried and tested powerful tools of Java
  • Java and Big Data, the match made in heaven




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